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Message from the Acting Director:

First off, thank you so much for considering to volunteer your time to the National Disabled Veterans TEE Tournament. I would like to urge those of you willing to volunteer for this extraordinary event, to do everything you can to volunteer for the entire event, which for volunteers is Sunday, September 13th through Thursday, September 17th. We are striving to provide a rehabilitative introduction to adaptive golf and in order to do so, we must provide a consistent golf buddy to each of our Veteran participants.


I understand that this could be a significant burden, but our mission at TEE is to provide America’s Veterans with an exceptional rehabilitation program through an introduction to adaptive golf and other alternative activities. In order to do that, we

will provide training sessions on Sunday, September 13th on what it means to be a golf buddy and the sighted guide technique for our visually impaired Veteran participants. If you aren’t able to be there on Sunday, you won’t receive that training and the experience for the Veteran participants will likely be impacted.


Again, thank you so much for your support of this event!


Nick Beelner

Acting Director, National Disabled Veterans TEE Tournament


Please understand that we will try to place you where you have selected but it will depend on the needs of our Veteran participants. The following volunteer opportunities are available:


Golf Buddy: to assist the Veteran participants with all needs while on golf course. Most of the participants are visually impaired and need assistance with club selection, alignment, distance visual support and basic support to play the game. Golf Buddies will also be responsible to assist team leaders with ‘report of progress’ note of Veteran participants (one per Veteran). Golf Buddies must be able to drive a golf cart and are not allowed to golf for the Veteran.


Medical: to provide basic medical assistance on the golf course to participants.


If you have any questions about the event contact:

Nick Beelner, Acting Director NDVTEE
Office: (319) 358-5963
Cell: (319) 530-7695

601 Highway 6 West
ATTN: TEE Tournament

Iowa City, IA 52246


Additional TEE Tournament Information – Coming Soon!